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Water purification

Drinking water is one that does not pose a health risk, which can be consumed without any restriction and that complies with the regulations stipulated by the relevant authorities. A water purifier may consist of a simple chlorine dosing pump to a complex filtration system, ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes. Osmofilter offers you a wide range of products so that your company can carry out all your projects, as well as the possibility of technical advice thanks to our engineering department. Specific treatments: From our company, we solve specific problems of any contaminant in the water, developing different solutions and advising our clients on the pros and cons of each one.

Water is Safety

Around the world, two billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Every year, two million people die due to waterborne disease.

Water is Empowerment

PI PURE plants are operated by members of the local community. We train partners in the skills they need to operate plants without the need for third-party support.


PI PURE Reach works towards the UN’s goal to “achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.”

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